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Boys who have completed grades 7-12 can explore their interests in more outdoor challenges or specific skills while developing their Christian character. Young men need and deserve a challenge! Under the guidance of Christian men, physical skills are developed and tested with spiritual application to everyday life. Campers enjoy the basic fun of a camp setting, swimming, games, campfires, etc. However, most of their time is spent on the program they sign up for from the following options:

Aviation - The Aviation camp will teach you the basics of how to fly, and you will be in the captain's seat! As you take flight from a nearby airport, you will learn the inspection and safety process needed for flying. Under the guidance and instruction of licensed pilots/instructors you will learn how to take off, land, and even spend a day on a cross country navigation trip. The daily trips to the airport are always anticipated, but you will also get to participate in many of the normal camp activities from the zip line to the pool and of course our nightly campfire!

Christian Service Ministries - This week is a unique opportunity for you to come to camp and spend an incredible week focused on service. The focus of this camp is to spend a week growing spiritually and learning many different handyman skills as you serve the greater community. The greater Wardensville community surrounding Camp Hemlock offers a vast number of opportunities for physical service and many times to speak the Love of Christ into the lives of those who may not regularly go to Church. The effect this has had on the greater camp community has been profound.

Marksmanship - The marksmanship program is lead by certified NRA instructors and is focused on teaching you proper safety and an appreciation for skilled marksmanship. The fundamentals of stance and sight alignment are taught as well as instruction on what other areas of life we are called to keep in our sights. Extensive time is spent on the range, but other camp activities are also a staple throughout the day.
  - Marksmanship - A: is focused on providing attendees with thorough range time and pursuing several levels of the NRA basic instruction certification. The program highlights .22 caliber rifle instruction and precision shooting from the prone position.
  - Marksmanship - B: is composed of a variety of different firearms and looks at different types styles of shooting. The camp includes basic pistols and skeet shooting.
You may do the programs in either order.

Outdoor Adventure Combo Week - This week-long camp offers many great adventures in one week, including hiking, mountain biking, rockclimbing, and paddling.

Mountain biking is a great way to see the amazing beauty of West Virginia in great two-wheel style. Mountain biking through the mountains and woods of WV is a great way to travel to very remote parts of the backcountry and enjoy the beautiful views, fellowship,and development of the skills that are taught.

Rock climbing and rappelling provides great opportunities to learn about climbing and gain experience on the local cliffs. Our trained staff help you gain confidence and experience the exhilaration of conquering a climb. There are several great locations onor near camp's property and we will explore several of the areas based on the skill set of the group. This is a great place to try it out and enjoy the adventure!

Canoeing will send you paddling down one of our local rivers. Canoeing is a great chance to explore the waterways of West Virginia. Canoeing through the backcountry is a great way to travel with some larger comforts, but also provides a remote and adventuroustrip! Promised to be full of action and splashed water. Don't miss out on this adventure.

A custom week of adventures awaits! Sign up now and let us know which adventures peak your interest!

Gear Head / Go-Karts - The Go-Kart camp is structured around an education on small engine repair, maintenance, and driving the Go-Karts. Over the course of the week, you will learn the basics of welding and how to best weld different parts of the karts. You will learn the proper safety process and how to inspect the karts for safety issues before you race them around the field. The pool will also be a frequent pitstop to wash the dust off! The week is spent focused on building and maintaining the karts, but plenty of time is spent driving the karts around the field!

Paintball Adventure - Camp Hemlock provides a unique environment to learn and develop your Paintball skills. You will get to enjoy a 5-acre wooded playing field and on one day will also get to play on a speedball course. The skills and instruction focus on team building, tactical strategies, camouflage, signaling, and spiritual growth. You will get the opportunity to enjoy other aspects of camp, specifically the zipline and our pool. All safety gear, paintball markers, and paint will be provided. This is a great week for friends to join you and develop your skills together.

For costs and dates of the program, please download the Summer Brochure.

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