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For girls finishing grades 1 – 3.

One of the most popular summer camps has been the Father/Son Mini-Camps. Often, I have been asked if there was anything similar for Dads And Daughters. So now there is! Dads, bring your little girls to camp for 3 very special, memory filled days together!

Here are the details to some FAQ's:
fd -D.A.D. camp will run from Wednesday afternoon, thru Saturday lunch,
-It's open to girls, grades 1-3.
- Girls will sleep in girl cabins with Jr. Counselors and Cabin 'Grandmas'
-Dads will sleep in Dad Cabins.
-Dads And Daughters will participate in all activities together including all the traditional camp favorites such as nature walks, canoeing, swimming, crafts, devotional times, a cook-out at Trout Pond, and nightly songfests around the campfire.
-Dads will have a morning devotional meeting and prayer time together.
-And, also have a Fathers Only Fellowship time, which always includes pie!

Dads, you all know boys and girls are different. You've been boys. You're familiar with the process. Daughters may seem a foreign concept altogether. Yet, they are merely opposite sides of the same coin.

Dads, here are a few things your daughter wants and needs you to know:
-You are her hero, the standard she will someday use to measure her future husband.
-You are her example of God, her Father in heaven.
-She needs to respect, honor, and obey you - for her own safety and maturing.
-She also wants to laugh and have fun with you.
-You should be the only one who can make her feel like a princess.
-She wants to know you adore being with her.
And, we want to help you enjoy this journey of daughters!

Please feel free to drop me an email at anytime for more info, any questions, or even to offer suggestions. This is still a new camp, so we would appreciate you input and ideas. And, please help spread the word to anyone else with daughters finishing grades 1-3. Thanks.
Serving My Heavenly Father,
Joanne Mss. Posie Curran,

For additional information and costs, check out the Summer Brochure.

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