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SALT (Servant And Leadership Training) is the counselor-in- training program at HWBC. This program is designed primarily for young men entering 9th grade in the fall. Applicants entering 10th or 11th grade in the fall will also be reviewed. SALT is for young men who aspire to leadership for Christ. It is a physically, mentally, and spiritually demanding program that incorporates intense camping experiences and leadership skill development. Successful completion is a prerequisite for serving on staff. The requirements for admission to the SALT program are:

- Completion of the Battalion ‘Explorer’ in Adventure Trails before April 1.
- A personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.
- A desire to grow in Christ and serve Him, i.e., be “the salt of the earth.” Matthew 5:13.
- Completion of 8th grade (ages 13-14 years).
- Submission of a $50 deposit with application (refundable only if you are not accepted).
- A successful interview with Camp Board representatives.
- Two completed reference forms.

New This Year!

We are conducting our application process online

We have built a Google Form that will facilitate the collection of the important inforamtion required for the application process. The application process asks several lengthy questions that require thought (a list is provided below). Please review the questions prior to starting the application to allow for you to be prepared before hand.

Application Questions:

- Describe your role and involvement in your church and battalion.
- Are you a born-again Christian and for how long?
- How do you know you are a born-again Christian?
- What is your daily commitment to Jesus Christ?
- How can your daily commitment to Jesus Christ be expressed in a camp setting?
- Why do you want to serve at Hemlock Wilderness Brigade Camp?

Application for SALT available here. Active now!

S.A.L.T. A will be offered during this time frame: June 17th - July 7th

S.A.L.T. B will be offered during this time frame: July 1st - July 21st

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