Camp Hemlock doesn't want anyone left out. A second bridge is being added to camp!

Why do we need a second bridge? In 1996, Hurricane Fran and efforts to shore up Trout Run altered the flow of water over our bridge. Water now flows year-round across our bridge and when there are heavy rains, the high water prevents most vehicles from crossing into or out of camp. Last May, our largest off-season event, TreeStock, was cancelled for the second time this decade because the creek was too high for cars to enter. 300 guests were left out from a chance to experience God at camp. Last June, a group of girls was unable to leave camp when the creek rose and had to hike four miles over the mountain in the rain to get out of camp. Last December, a guest had to leave his car at camp for over a week because the creek rose and he couldn't drive his car back home. Rising creek waters impact Camp Hemlock and prevent us from using our facility throughout the year. Ministry opportunities are lost and safety issues increase because of our bridge situation.

The Camp Hemlock Board of Directors studied the current bridge situation with a bridge engineer in the past and the cost to build a replacement bridge at the current site that would be above FEMA flood plains was well over a half million dollars. Thankfully God has provided a new option for us. Thanks to our generous donors, we were able to purchase a previously unavailable property last year just upstream that is at the perfect spot along the entire creek to build a controlled access auxiliary footbridge. Best of all, this bridge will be a fraction of the cost at $65,000.

The new engineer designed bridge will be about 200 feet long and made of steel with wood decking and railings. The bridge will be 10 feet wide, which is the width of most road lanes. Guests arriving at camp will still get to enjoy the exciting water crossing at the current bridge when the water is at low levels, but should the water rise, the new bridge will provide an easy, and safe access point across the river to within 200 feet of the lodge front porch.

How Can I Help?
We are looking for financial partners to fund the bridge in order to have construction finished by the opening day of summer camp. Would you consider partnering with us to complete this project and support the on-going ministry of Camp Hemlock? A gift of $975 will pay for 3 feet of the bridge. A donation of $325 would pay for 1 foot length of the bridge. That's less than one dollar a day this year. Please pray about your role in supporting Camp Hemlock in this season of growth. Please click here to make a one-time donation or to set up monthly giving. We need your help to fully fund the $65,000 needed to get the bridge built this spring. Any additional funds received will be used to continue to upgrade camp facilities such as needed dining hall and lodge renovations currently under way.

Thank you for supporting Camp Hemlock. You are a vital partner in this ministry which God is using to change the lives of boys and girls this summer and the guests who will come year-round. Please contact me at if you have any questions.

Brian Eisentraut
Camp Hemlock Director

The bridge has been completed! We are still in need of your help to pay for it. Thank you for your generous donations! We have raised $50,145 and have about $15,000 to go to cover the bridge which cost $65,000.

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