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I am thankful to God for your interest in the summer ministry of Camp Wildflowers (CW). For the past many years the Lord has blessed Camp Wildflowers and we will continue to trust in His Perfect Will.

Camp Wildflowers is for girls! It's about girls, and is staffed all by girls, from the Jr. Staff to the Cabin Moms. Older women discipling younger women/girls is God's plan in Titus 2:3. We offer all the traditional camp activities you might expect at any Christian camp. Girls sleep in cabins, eat most meals in the dining hall. There's Bible Exploration each morning, then hiking, swimming, archery, low ropes course, canoeing, cookouts, and more. We end each day with a devotional songfest around the campfire.

Yet all of it remains ultimately “female”.

Check out a short video about Wildflowers typical day at Camp!

Let me share my heart for this ministry with you in the hope that you too will look forward to summer camp!

Christian camping is more than just a recreational time. It is a ministry that takes girls from learning about creation to learning about the Creator and His care for them. I truly believe that a practical, working knowledge of the natural world can strengthen a girl's faith, increase her trust in God and His perfect design for her life, and generally help her maintain a firm foundation based on the simple, clear, perfect truths of God when the world calls her ever louder to come and taste the fruit. A clearer understanding of how all nature relates to God can help her understand her own relationship to Him through Christ.

- Girls appreciate beauty in all forms. Nature provides an abundance. Our culture puts much emphasis on appearance. But camp gives an environment where false beauty and all falsehood seem out of place, and natural beauty radiates- from within each girl and in creation.

-Girls appreciate the growth and nurture of living things, whether it is a butterfly, a flower, a nest of birds, or catching a glimpse of a family of deer near the edge of camp at twilight.

- Girls appreciate relationships and camp provides a safe setting to develop lifelong friendships.

- Girls appreciate security. At camp girls can experience the promises of God's basic provisions both in daily life and spiritually. They can come away from camp having taken their trust in God one step deeper.

There are many ways the Lord can use us to serve Him in the days we've been given, but none quite so fun as camp! Nature was God's idea. It was His Plan for us to live in it, and learn to use it, not to create artificial environments to avoid its challenges. The better stewards we can make our girls of what God has provided, the more ways He will be able to use them all the days of their lives. Summer especially is to be spent outdoors. Camp is a refuge and God will meet with His Daughters there. I hope I have whet your appetite for this summer ministry opportunity, to be used of the Great Creator to make each girl a “natural” beauty in His Eyes, to help clothe her more splendidly than the lilies of the valley!

Camp memories are never crowded out over the years. They stay as clear as the summer night skies that once covered them. I pray that you will consider giving your girl this summer's page of memories.

For more details of Wildflowers camps, LACE, and Staff, click here.

Wildflowers are planted by God. They can grow in all sorts of extreme environments with God as their only Gardener. Yet, they are beautiful and delicate. They stand strong in unexpected places, sometimes where nothing else grows, bringing refreshment and encouragement to all who come upon them. That is our purpose.

Jodi "Mss. Posie" Curran
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